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Brushless Hub Motor
Battery: Top rated 5x12v/50Ah VRLA
Manufactured by BB Battery - Model
Charger: 5A,110V
Charging Time: 6-10 Hours
Expected Life of Battery: Three to
four years for VRLA.
Max Torque: 18.45 Foot Pounds
Max Speed: 50mph(80km/h)
Single Charge Range: 50 miles
(80kms) at the speed of 30mph, based
on 50Ah Lead acid battery, Terrain,
load & weather may effect results.
Climbing Ability: 30% Gradient
Maximum Load Capacity 282lbs
Gross Weight: 396lbs (180kgs)
Dimensions: L 2000 x W 580 x H1200
(L 70”x W 27” x H47”)
Brake System: Front and Rear Disk
Suspension: Adjustable Rear Shocks,
Hydraulic Front Suspension
Warranty: 90 day Factory warranty
Special          $3499  Shipping Free

Out of Stock
Get fast and easy financing
If you've been wanting to join the electric
revolution, now is the time. The EVD is on
sale, in stock, and shipping free. Your EVD
will be delivered within 5 business days after


The EVD is brand new and ships in it's own
metal motorcycle crate.

This is a great deal on a highly reliable
electric transportation.
No gas, no oil, no noise. This is a truly
remarkable ride. The EVD electric scooter
has even more power than you need in urban

There are no gears to shift and no
transmission. You just turn on the EVD, twist
the throttle and go. The EVD even comes with
front and rear disk brakes.

To recharge, you plug into any wall outlet with
the smart-charger that comes with the EVD.

This is a big enough bike that you will be
seen in traffic and won't risk being
under-powered like so many of the electric
scooters that barely reach 30 mph.
Built on a motorcycle platform, the EVD uses
standard motorcycle controls like lights, turn
signals, and horn.
The EVD is DOT certified and can be
licensed in any state. In many states,
this will be classified as a moped. In
others, it will be a motorcycle. Please
check with your local authorities for
licensing requirements.

Help promote electric transportation by
joining our affiliate program. You will
receive a commission for referring
sales of the EVD.
Great looking and powerful. The EVD will
provide years of service.
The EVD guages show speed, miles, power
Got Questions? Call us.
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MiPower electric bike
LX1 blue electric bicycle 350 watt motor
LX2 electric bike red 36v 350 watt 24
LF8 folding electric bike silver 20