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To Order our electric bikes online, visit www.rmartinbikes.com

R Martin electric bikes are available wholesale to qualified retailers.
Dealers must provide service and support for the products they sell..

We offer one of the
best warranties in the business and our
retailers provide the warranty service for any R Martin products
they sell.

R Martin Limited offers you a
protected territory that give you an
exclusive sales area that will maximize your return.  

To become a dealer, click
HERE and fill out the requested
information. Once approved, you will receive the dealer agreement
and pricing schedule.
R Martin LX1 - Our most popular electric
R Martin LF8 - Folding electric with more
power than other folding electrics. Popular
with RVers, campers, students.
R Martin G1 - Step-through model with 36v or 48v
battery option. Large, powerful motor. A heavier electric
bike that is great for urban areas. Rides like a scooter.
Contact us about our Neighborhood
Electric Vehicles (NEVs) arriving in the

We are constantly testing and evaluating
new products.

R Martin can provide a complete line of
electric transportation products for your
showroom floor.
R10 crank motor electric bicycle.
R11 crank motor electric bicycle. The "R"
series bikes are our highest quality electric
bicycles with an exceptionally smooth ride
and plenty of power for the toughest hills.
R12 crank motor electric bicycle.